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ADHD Coaching & Hypnotherapy to Help You Succeed...

  • Maybe you, or your child, have difficulty focusing 
  • Are easily distractible 
  • Struggle with school or homework
  • Disorganised and poor time keeping

Well imagine, how would your life be different if you were...

  • Able to focus again & get things done 
  • Happier and calmer at school, work, or home 
  • More organised & better at time keeping 
  • Finally able to make friends with ADHD & get on with life again...

Now I don't know if you have been diagnosed with ADHD already, are in the process of doing so, or whether you just suffer with many of the same kinds of  problems listed above and want some assistance to help you succeed.

Either way, research shows that therapy and coaching alongside medication is superior to medication alone. Medication is like the fuel to make your engine (the brain) wake up again, but you may still need therapy to help you overcome any self esteem issues related to your past experience of ADHD and the implications of your diagnosis, and coaching to help you learn the tools and strategies you need to live a successful life with this condition. 

In addition, many of the clients who come to work with me, do so because: 

  • There is a long waiting list to see an ADHD  Medical specialist and they need help in the meantime 
  • They want to try coaching and therapy for themselves or their child before taking medication.
  • They are in the 20% for whom medication does not work or has intolerable side effects. 
  • They simply do not want to take medication. 

Now whilst research shows that superior results are achieved through combining medication with therapy, and I feel that parents of children with ADHD, and adults with ADHD, need to remain open minded to the use of medication, nonetheless your choice must ultimately be respected.

Whether you take medication or not for ADHD, experts are in agreement that medication is very helpful but not a complete and only answer to the challenge of this condition. By reading this, you are likely asking a wise question: what else can we do to tackle ADHD? What can we do in addition to medication? 

How I Came Across The ADHD Solution 

This was exactly the same question I began asking back in 2004, after my late-life diagnosis (at the age of 24) with "Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder". 

Jamie Vasilyan The Hypnosis for ADHD Specialist

For me, due to being in that 20% for whom medication had intolerable side effects, I didn't exactly have much of a choice not to ask that question! I was desperate for a solution, medication or otherwise. 

Today, I have met other people who have struggled to find a medication that worked for them too. One such person is another ADHD coach, who struggled for 12 years to find a medication that lasted long enough and without side effects!

Looking back today, I wonder "where" I'd be if I had persisted down the route of finding a suitable medication. Maybe I'd be in an even better place than I am now, but still, the choice I made led me to become the person who I am today. 

And to come across what I call "The ADHD Solution." 

You see, in 2004 I was diagnosed, took medication and experienced side effects. These were intolerable and so I discontinued. I spent the next seven years trying to figure out how to manage my ADHD. 

In 2006, I was lucky to have a very special friend walk into my life, who also happened to be a NLP master and coach, and she was a big support in my life. I don't think I would be here today if Sara hadn't turned up. 

By 2009, after an intense period of self exploration and development with her help, I began to turn the direction of my life from ten years out of work and living in "ADHD Hell." For the next two years I worked voluntarily with children on the autistic/ADHD spectrum in a local school. 

Then in 2011, I had my "Big Breakthrough." I went back to work, and was being paid a month in hand so had little money for a while, so I went from no exercise to cycling 20 miles per day up to 5 days per week! I also got into weight-training for the first time in my life. And, because I had money to finally invest in myself, I trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. 

Back then I wasn't sure what it was that pulled me out of my depression so suddenly, but today - based on my knowledge of the human brain and working with people in clinical practise - I'm certain that it the magic was actually due to a synergistic interaction of different factors. 

All the exercise, the support and coaching from my best friend, the meditation, what I learned in my hypnotherapy training about the brain, giving back to my community, and getting back on my own two feet, worked together to pull me out of depression and also lift my symptoms of ADHD. 

Not only was I lifted out of "ADHD hell" to "ADHD Heaven" (well, almost) but I went on to help many other people with anxiety, depression, trauma and ADHD. 

Change Is Just a Choice Away...

Now when I share my personal breakthrough, some people will think "Ah, but maybe you didn't have ADHD anyway. Maybe you were diagnosed." 

Others have suggested, "That's okay if you're high functioning ADHD but what if you're not?" 

Still others have said, "Well that's you. But I don't think I've got it in me. It sounds almost superhuman."

Listen up! I was definitely not misdiagnosed. I had a very thorough evaluation for ADHD by a medical specialist. And I don't think I was a particularly "high functioning" case of ADHD, well not before my breakthrough anyway! And lastly, if you were thinking that last kind of thought, well that would be closer to the truth. 

You see, I made a choice when I had my breakthrough, motivated by my friend Sara when she quoted Anthony Robbins, "Change happens when the fear of staying the same finally outweighs the fear of change." 

It's not that I'm superhuman why I did all those things which led to my breakthrough, but because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could no longer stay the same, but was desperate for change. And so I made my decision. 


Are You ready to Go From Survival to SurThrival? 

Coming back to that final objection, I hear you if you're thinking, "So the answer is cycle 20 miles a day, meditate, and go the gym? Are you kidding me?" 

Well, not exactly. Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of research which shows that ADHD responds very well to exercise, good diet, meditation, and a whole host of other positive lifestyle changes. 

But if that seems overwhelming right now. Here's the news you've been waiting to hear...

Research also shows that positive change comes about by consistent repetitions. In other words, small changes in various areas of your life, that are consistently kept to, have far greater benefit than, say, trying to be superman or superwomen at the gym. 

In short, it doesn't have to be extreme. There is a magic weapon at our disposal called "Synergy", which is the magic that happens when you "Do a little bit of this and a little bit of that..." CONSISTENTLY! 

For example, today, like many of my clients, I do not cycle 20 miles most days of the week, or meditate for 2 hours like I used to. I find that a little bit of exercise, a short meditation, and some small tweaks to my diet (such as eating more protein at breakfast time) significantly improves my ADHD. 

But How Do I Stay Consistent?

If you've got this far, you're probably thinking "Fair enough. But how on earth do I stay consistent if I have ADHD?" 

I understand the dilemma. Well, that's where ADHD Coaching & Hypnotherapy comes in. 

I shared with you many aspects of my ADHD Solution earlier, but another aspect is having the right mindset. Developing persistence, determination and will-power. 

And that's where hypnotherapy and coaching comes in. Because through these modalities I can work with you to stay strong, positive, and focused on your goals. 

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