ADHD and Self Esteem: How To Boost Your Confidence With Hypnosis

boy balancing pencil on his nose

Adults and children with ADHD can suffer from low self-confidence or self-esteem, but ADHD and Self Esteem issues can be helped using the power of hypnosis.

  • Self-confidence is about feeling confident in your abilities.
  • Self-esteem is more about confidence within yourself as a person.

ADHD and Self Esteem can become a challenge when:

  • A person does not know that they have ADHD, so instead they and others think they are weak, bad, or stupid. Early diagnosis can help.
  • When ADHD is undiagnosed this can increase the chance of issues with self-esteem, which can turn into depression later in life.
  • ADHD can cause a person to struggle with learning or tasks, leading to more experience of failure or giving up too soon, thus leading to less enjoyment of life-opportunities or skill development.
  • ADHD can lead to self-loathing, toxic-shame, comparing oneself to other's, which negatively impacts self-esteem.
  • A child or adult with ADHD may feel negatively about their diagnosis and equate ADHD with their sense of self in an unhealthy way. In other words, by hating ADHD you may end up hating yourself.

ADHD hypnosis can help us with ADHD and self esteem by:

  • Understanding what ADHD really is, and realising that we are not weak, bad, or stupid, but instead different and unique.
  • Encouraging us to explore new ways to think about ADHD and relate to ourselves, such as positive self talk and self-care.
  • Helping us to focus on our strengths first, which in turn raises our self-esteem and ability to correct weaknesses second.
  • Showing us how to gain confidence in learning, and developing more focus, growth mindset, patience and perseverance, and thereby reaping the benefits of improving ourselves and our lives.
  • Assisting us to let go of ways of thinking that lower our self esteem, and instead learning to appreciate and love ourselves as we are.

So if you or your child with ADHD would like to learn more about how hypnosis can help you with ADHD and self esteem, then why not get in touch to book your free session and find out more...