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New ADHD Coaching Bristol Launches During ADHD Awareness Month

New ADHD Coaching Bristol based service is about to be launched with perfect timing, because October is officially known as “ADHD Awareness Month.” This is a time when experts, service providers, mental health charities, and all those who care about ADHD, seek to raise awareness about this highly misunderstood condition which affects people’s ability to focus and organise.


One such person is Bristol-based Jamie Vasilyan, who used to suffer from ADHD but has now learned to control his symptoms and live a fulfilling life. To help others do the same he is launching his new ADHD Coaching Bristol based support service (called ADDvantage Hypnotherapy) for children and adults suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as the name suggests, is a condition affecting one’s ability to focus, and some sufferers may also display issues with impulsiveness and hyperactivity. All of us experience lack of concentration, forgetfulness, and disorganisation some of the time, but when you have ADHD this is a daily occurrence. Therefore it can negatively impact one’s ability to learn, to form and maintain relationships, and also hold many back from being successful in life.

When undetected and not properly treated, those with ADHD are at higher risk of depression, suicide, accidental death, addiction, anti-social behaviour and criminality, so early detection is crucial to avoid these outcomes and change their lives around for the better.

ADHD Awareness Month started back in 2004 when instated by the US senate, and was one day which eventually turned into one month. Various charities such as The ADHD Foundation chaired by comedian Rory Bremner (who himself has ADHD) will be taking part to educate and inspire.

Locally, in Bristol, Jamie Vasilyan who was himself diagnosed in 2004, will be launching his new ADHD coaching Bristol based support service to provide information, inspiration, and practical advice to those suffering from or affected by ADHD.

One of the areas that Jamie is passionate about is the need to move away from an over-reliance on the use of medication, and to inspire sufferers and parents of children to explore all the options. Dr. Tony Lloyd, of the ADHD Foundation, points out that NHS guidelines suggest medication only be used as an adjunct to behavioural treatment.

“The fact of the matter is that in the UK medication is the first line of treatment and pretty much the only line of treatment. That needs to change.” ~Dr. Tony Lloyd

Whilst 80% of people respond well to medication with little to no side effects, that still leaves 20% for whom medication either does not work, or for whom side effects are too severe. Back in 2004, Jamie was in the latter group, and suffered from dehydration, fainting, migraines, and tourette’s syndrome. After 6 weeks of use, he discontinued due to a severe attempt at suicide.

“But looking back, I don’t regret that medication didn’t work for me”, he explained. “This led me to go on a mission to find out what else can help with ADHD. It wasn’t easy, but after my suicide attempt and homelessness in 2004, I managed to turn my life around. In 2011, my depression lifted and I learned to control my ADHD.

“I went from disability benefits to working full time and training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and helping other people. How did I do it? By following a daily regime of healthy eating, exercise, meditation, and the use of hypnosis to help me stay positive and focused. And today, I work as an ADHD Specialist, and totally love what I do.”

Jamie is providing this service, passionate that other’s can achieve similar results. Through his new ADHD coaching Bristol service, ADDvantage Hypnotherapy, he is ready to educate, inspire, and give practical assistance to the ADHD community of Bristol and around the world. You can find out more about his work by visiting his website or emailing him at


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