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Are you a hypnotherapist that works with people with ADHD, and would like to learn more about how best to support them?

Do you want to learn how hypnotherapy/coaching can help children and manage, and even learn to master, this highly misunderstood condition?

Do you want to expand your practise by specialising as an "ADHD Hypnosis Specialist"? 

If so, this ADHD hypnotherapy training "ADHD Hypnotherapy for Professionals" might be exactly what you're looking for...

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According to the DSM-V, ADHD is amongst the most common of neurodevelopmental disorders in childhood.

According to data from the CDC, between 2001 to 2016 rates of diagnosis increased from 2.96% to 3.74% in children aged 5 to 11, but in that same period adult diagnosis rose 123%, growing 4 times faster than the rates of childhood diagnosis in the US.

The chances of coming across a client with ADHD in your practise as a hypnotherapist, therapist, or coach, are high, and you may have already come across clients who have ADHD, or appear to suffer with similar problems and may be undiagnosed.

As this is the most common childhood disorder, and the rates within adults appear to be increasing, understanding ADHD and how to help clients with it, could be critical to the success of your practise.

In this ADHD hypnotherapy training course you will learn about ADHD Hypnotherapy from a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jamie Vasilyan, who specialises in this area.

What makes this course unique is that Jamie was also diagnosed with ADHD, and shares his understanding of ADHD not only from a clinical perspective specialising with ADHD clients, but also as someone who has been through the process of recovery from ADHD himself, and has a unique insight into what this condition is really all about...

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What Will You Learn?

  • What ADHD is and isn't!
  • The Different perspectives & models of ADHD which determine our understanding of it, and which also determine the different approaches to treatment.
  • In addition to the Standard Medical (allopathic) Model of ADHD, you will learn about the Holistic-Integrative Model
  • What causes ADHD
  • How Lifestyle affects ADHD
  • The history of ADHD
  • The Research on ADHD Hypnosis
  • An introduction to ADHD Hypnosis in practice
  • Why Mindset Could be the Number One Factor in Your Client's Recovery
  • Reframing ADHD from “Disorder” to “Difference”
  • The Role of “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” (TLCs)
  • How to Help Your Clients Tackle Specific Problems
  • Working with Different Types of Clients
  • Managing Expectations
  • How to Structure Sessions

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How Is This Course Presented? 

The course content is delivered in video and written word, and you can go at your own space. It's all downloadable. It includes:

  • 3 hours of MP4 Video, Including “Presentation 1: Introduction to ADHD Hypnotherapy", “Presentation 2: How to Help Your Clients Using ADHD Hypnotherapy”, as well a 30 minute Demo video of ADHD hypnosis techniques in action.
  • Hypnotic Deepener Script: The Magic Room, which is a favourite of both adults and children with ADHD.

In addition, you will receive the following PDFs to give you even more insight:

  • Jamie's Recovery from ADHD Story
  • Can People With ADHD Be Hypnotised?
  • The ADDvantage Hypnotherapy Approach to ADHD
  • Breaking The Trance of ADHD (reframing ADHD)
  • Research References for ADHD Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Parenting for ADHD eBook (which you can use as inspiration on how to assist parents of ADHD children help their children)
  • Bibliography

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Is this Course Accredited?

Whilst this ADHD Hypnotherapy training is not an officially accredited course currently, you can nonetheless complete a short review and receive a Certificate of Completion, if you wish, and if you take good notes, this can be used as evidence towards your CPD.


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How to Access the ADHD Hypnotherapy for Professionals Course

There are two packages for this course:

Option 1: Course Download + Group Coaching Call + Email Support

You receive lifetime access to the course including future updates, as well as email support, as a thank you for being an early adopter.

During the hour long Group Coaching Call via Zoom you will be able to ask any question you like about the specifics of ADHD Hypnotherapy, and receive answers, including specific tips, strategies, and tools, that you can employ to help your clients succeed with ADHD.

Normal price £97, but 1/2 price if you secure your place by Friday 25th September. That's only £48.50

Option 2: Download Only + Email Support

In this package you receive lifetime access to the course contents (including all future updates), as well as email support to answer any further questions you may have.

Normal price £57. 1/2 Price offer (£28.50) if you secure your place by Friday 25th September 2020.

To access this course, please email me at expressing your interest. 

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