Alarm Clocks For ADHD: 7 Novel Ways To Wake Up With ADHD

best alarm clock for ADHD

Waking up in the morning can be a nightmare when you have ADHD, so in this blog we are going to check out the best strategies and Alarm Clocks for ADHD to help you finally get out of bed in the morning ready to get on with your day ahead. Refresh The Sound Of Your…

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The Exercise for ADHD Solution

Born To Move: Why Exercise for ADHD Could Be The Key to Recovery In this article we explore why exercise for ADHD is considered by many to be the number one natural treatment for ADHD after medication and supplementation. We also take a look at the best types of exercise for ADHD in our upcoming…

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10 Surprising Positives of ADHD

boy balancing pencil on his nose

When you have ADHD, you hear about your weaknesses all too often. It’s so easy to focus on those, because we annoy ourselves so much with them and they attract a lot of unwanted attention! But what are the positives of ADHD, if any. Now you’re thinking… Because we know all too well that it’s…

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5 Tips To Help You Manage ADHD During Lockdown

manage ADHD during lockdown

Getting through the pandemic is difficult for all of us, but there’s reason to believe that when you have ADHD it could be even more challenging, which is why I’ve written this blog about how to manage ADHD during lockdown. People with ADHD thrive not just by taking their medication, but also by living healthy…

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Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD: What Is It And Can It Help

brainwave entrainment for ADHD

Brainwave Entrainment for ADHD is probably not the first thing you consider when you have ADHD. Whilst, of course, medication, exercise, and various therapies, are the core of any approach to managing ADHD, nonetheless some people with ADHD report a positive response to brainwave entrainment. And if, for some reason, you’re in that 10-20% for…

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What is ADHD | Rethinking ADHD Using the MisFit Model | Part 1

I'm not bad I have ADHD

The million dollar question: What is ADHD? We’d think that this would be a simple question with a simple answer, and some of us may feel like we know already. ADHD is “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.” But how we think about ADHD, our understanding, is crucial to how we respond to it. So maybe it’s…

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ADHD Morning Routines That Boost Dopamine Part 2

women welcoming the day

In Part 2 of our series exploring the power of an ADHD morning routine to boost your dopamine and optimise your productivity, we go into more detail, looking at: helpful tips and suggestions for effective activities to boost your ADHD morning routine examples of effective ADHD morning routines   The Importance of an ADHD Morning…

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Free ADHD Webinar The ADHD Solution: How to Master Your Brain With Lifestyle Change and Hypnosis Even When in Lockdown

When? Every last Saturday of the month. 19:00-2030GMT/London time/1400-1530EST/EDT Click here for World Time Buddy world time calculator: 2020 was challenging to say the least, and now we’re looking at yet another year of stress not experienced before. Everything that was helping us to get on top of our ADHD (including socialisation, exercise, going…

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