Disorder Or Difference: Why Your Definition Of ADHD Can Be Life Changing

I'm not bad I have ADHD

Your definition of ADHD can have a big impact on how you view yourself, and affect the way you manage your symptoms. ADHD Hypnosis can help you or your child learn to see ADHD differently, to see it not so much as a disorder but a difference. This can help you not only understand and control ADHD more effectively, but also raise self-esteem as you realise it's not all bad, after all.

In the past, before ADHD was officially recognised, the definition of ADHD would have been bad, stupid, or lazy. But then came the medical revolution, and those same people would be recognised as having a disorder or chemical imbalance of the brain. This took away a lot of the blame, guilt, and shame, and also changed the way we responded to those with this "condition." 

In more recent years, there has been a movement toward a third phase in the evolution of our understanding of ADHD: That ADHD is in fact not so much a disorder but a difference. The buzz-word which represents this new definition of ADHD, which has now become a worldwide movement, is called “Neurodiversity”.

Neurodiversity acknowledges that:

  • People with ADHD have uniquely wired brains, and what is true for a “neuro-typical” (NT) is not necessarily the case for someone that is neuro-diverse (ND).
  • ADHD is not necessarily a disorder or “brain dysfunction” but a particular neurological system which, when not at ease in a particular environment more suited to NT's, expresses stress through symptoms labelled as “ADHD.”
  • Children and adults with ADHD are more than their labels. They have unique gifts and talents and personality traits, just like everyone else.
  • People with ADHD have strengths and weaknesses, just as we all do, and ND's should not be defined by their weaknesses only.

If this interests you, you may also be interested to hear about the approach taken by ADHD Hypnosis:

  • is firmly rooted in a positive model of neurodiversity.
  • takes a strengths-based approach to change.
  • focuses on each individual as unique, focusing on your particular goals rather than symptoms.
  • In your first session, The ADHD Management & Mastery Session, you will learn not just how the brain works, but how the ADHD brain works, and also an integrative, holistic, model of ADHD which recognises neurodiversity.
  • You will explore new ways of thinking about and responding to “ADHD”, and your “uniquely wired brain”. In our sessions together you will never be told what to think about ADHD, but encouraged to explore the possibilities and choose your own definition of ADHD, if you wish to. 
  • You will walk away from your sessions more informed and with more freedom of choice.
  • Honours and respects the challenges and pains you have gone through, and yet helps you move into your positive future.

So if you or your child with ADHD would like to learn more about ADHD Hypnosis and how it can help you change your relationship to “ADHD”, and hence change the way you manage it for the better, then why not get in touch to book your free 30 Minute Hypnosis Strategy Session...