How To Focus With ADHD Hypnosis

how to read when you have ADHD

ADHD Hypnosis can help children and adults learn how to focus with ADHD.

It is said that people with ADHD have "attention deficit", but in reality it is more a case of "attentional variability." Sometimes when you have ADHD you struggle to focus. At other times, you focus really well - or too much. 

The question is, how can we regulate our focus? 

Well ADHD Hypnosis is a great tool that can show you how to focus with ADHD. It achieves this partly through suggestion, and also helps people with ADHD learn how to focus by:

  • Changing one's beliefs about the ability to focus, despite having ADHD.
  • Increasing your motivation for the task at hand. 
  • Tapping into the ADHD "hyperfocus" mode and "transferring" that strong focus to other areas of one's life where needed, such as when working or studying.
  • Creating a hypnotic anchor to trigger the state of focus at will, for example by pressing the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand together and using the hypnotic command "Focus Now." 

Clinical practice shows that ADHD hypnosis can really help children and adults learn how to focus with ADHD. Research has also been conducted to show that hypnotic suggestion (i.e. being told that you can focus whilst in hypnosis) increases one's ability to focus. 



What The Research Is Saying...

The Impact of Hypnotic Suggestions on Reaction Times in Continuous Performance Test in Adults with ADHD and Healthy Controls

This study found that hypnosis can help people with ADHD improve their attention.

Maarita Virta, et. al, in Plos One, May 2015

"... some research has shown that people with ADHD are in fact more hypnotizable and trance-prone than average despite challenges with focus."

Traci Stein Phd, ADHD Medication May Enhance Hypnotisability, Psychology Today, 2015.

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