How To Sleep With ADHD Hypnosis

sleeping women

We all know that sleep is good for us, but how to sleep with ADHD can be a challenge.

If we don't get enough of it, or good quality of it, everything suffers – not least of all our ability to focus and be productive. 

If someone has poor sleep they perform like someone who has ADHD. When you have ADHD, and you have poor sleep, it's double trouble. And unfortunately the research suggest that about 75% of people with ADHD report sleep difficulties.

Some researchers have even gone so far as to question whether ADHD is, in fact, a sleep disorder itself. Whether or not this may be the case, there are certainly examples of people with sleep disorders who have been misdiagnosed with ADHD. And without doubt, it is certain that if we can get better sleep, we can all see great improvements in our brain function.

So let's explore how to sleep with ADHD Hypnosis:

  • Whilst hypnosis comes from the greek word “hypnos” meaning “sleep”, it is not the same as sleep per se. It is more like a state of conscious relaxation, similar to meditation. Nonetheless, hypnosis does teach us how to let go and relax, which can improve the ability to fall asleep or improve sleep quality.
  • During ADHD Hypnosis clients not only have hypnosis during their sessions, but also receive hypnosis mp3s to listen to at home, especially before bedtime, which help improve sleep.
  • Hypnotic suggestion can be used to improve falling asleep as well as quality.
  • The process of ADHD Hypnosis can help empty what we call the “stress bucket,” and overall lead to a less stressed, calmer, state of mind and body, which is conducive to better sleep.
  • ADHD Hypnosis can help us understand what improves the chances of good sleep (such as good sleep hygiene) and support us to make, and stick to, the changes necessary for us to get more of those much needed zzzs!
  • Whilst we will work towards improving your sleep, the hypnotic state itself, whilst it is not the same as sleep, does offer some similar benefits to sleep. This would be similar to what you'd expect from a quality power-nap, supporting us to improve our chances of getting good rest and resetting our system, which is often frazzled due to poor sleep efficiency.

So if you or your child are ready to discover how hypnosis can show you how to fall asleep when you have ADHD, then do not hesitate to get in touch...