How To Study When You Have ADHD Using Hypnosis

never stop learning

ADHD Hypnosis can show you or your child how to study when you have ADHD, more effectively, with less effort, and often in less time.

Study and learning can of course be a challenge when you have ADHD. Struggling with focus, planning, and follow through, are all common difficulties faced by those with ADHD.

You see children are very good hypnotic subjects, because they spend most of their time in a hypnosis-like state: highly suggestible, creative, playful, imaginative, and finally and most importantly – their brains are like sponges. They learn fast!

But as we get older, especially from the age of 12 onwards, our brains spend less and less time in the hypnotic state. And as we get older we may believe that we are less capable of learning. 

Now, of course, it is possible to be in a hypnosis-like state when young (or old, for that matter) and still struggle with learning. That's exactly what happens to many children with ADHD. In fact, it's like they are constantly “spacing out” which is a form of natural trance, but it's not necessarily productive.

So how does Hypnosis correct this and show us how to study when you have ADHD:

  • It helps us realise that we are, if young, already in a naturally hypnotic “super learning state”, or if older can enter the hypnotic “super learning state”, but more importantly help us to make sure that we make the most of the hypnotic state for efficient learning.
  • ADHD Hypnosis shows us how to move from an unproductive, “spaced out”, state of hypnosis, into a constructive focused state of hypnosis.
  • In ADHD Hypnosis you learn how to set goals, visualise, and rehearse the future for success. It's like practising and learning inside the comfort of your own mind.
  • It's possible to know your subject but during an exam or performance, due to the front of your brain switching off because of over-activation of the survival “fight and flight” brain (The Inner Frankenstein), perform badly or forget. ADHD Hypnosis shows us how to relax in such situations and keep the front of our brain, the Einstein Brain, switched on.
  • In ADHD Hypnosis you learn how to optimise the ADHD brain for success, in terms of understanding how it works, and the value of particular study habits that improve efficiency.
  • ADHD Hypnosis helps us to believe in ourselves and have confidence in the learning process.
  • During ADHD Hypnotic coaching “Growth Mindset” is very helpful – focusing on one's progress, versus outcomes.

So if you or your child are ready to learn more about how to study when you have ADHD, why not give ADHD Hypnosis your consideration...