ADHD Management & Mastery Session

During this first 50 minute session, you and/or your child will:

  • Learn about “The User's Manual of Your Uniquely Wired” brain, helping you get your ADHD brain to work for you, rather than against, you!

  • Learn about my unique model of ADHD and it's relationship to personality and environment, and why this means recovery from ADHD is possible.

  • Begin to see ADHD not so much as a disorder, but a difference, and realise the positive side of ADHD and your strengths.

  • Learn my 7 Step System for ADHD management and mastery, “The ADHD Solution.” We will also, from this, identify any areas where you are doing well, and any areas which could be improved, for you to make progress and succeed with ADHD.

  • Learn what hypnosis really is, and how it can help you with ADHD, and why those with ADHD can indeed be hypnotised and benefit from it.

  • Explore your goals if you choose to work with me in coaching/hypnotherapy.

  • Receive a high quality hypnotherapy recording designed to help improve your sleep, mood, and energy.

  • Follow up email support.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapists do consider the first session to be the most important, and I've gone a step further as a specialist in ADHD to create a first session which is specific to those with ADHD, and also provides as much value as possible.

Although it doesn't include any hypnotherapy (this doesn't occur until the second session) nonetheless the cutting-edge information and new perspective of ADHD delivered in this session, alone, can often change the way someone thinks about their ADHD for the better.

This session is 50 minutes - 1 hour in length, and following this session you may have Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with me.

The investment for this session is £70.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of benefiting from this session with me. On the other hand, you may first prefer to have a Free informal chat with me. This can be conducted by skype or telephone, and is up to 20 minutes duration.

To book this session please email me at or call me direct on 07517 042 679