If you are interested in ADHD Coaching or Hypnotherapy with me, either in person here in Bristol, or worldwide via Skype, then here are details of the services that I provide. 

In Person Sessions (Bristol)

These are available at The Practise Rooms, Clifton Village, in Bristol. These sessions are for 50 minutes, and normally include ADHD Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and ADHD Meditation instruction if you are interested in that. Your first step is to contact me regarding when to book your Initial Consultation "ADHD Management & Mastery Session" with me (details below).

Skype Sessions (Worldwide) 

That's right. I have been successfully using Skype to conduct sessions ever since I went into practice, for those that cannot make it to the clinic for ADHD Coaching Bristol, for whatever reason. Some clients have benefited from a mixture of both Skype and in person, but normally Skype is a good option for those that are not local but want to work with me. 

To benefit from ADHD Coaching Skype sessions, you will need a good connection and ability to operate Skype. It's quite simple, and before you decide against it, how about we arrange a "test call" to make sure your connection is "up to speed." 

Skype sessions do work as ADHD Coaching and Hypnotherapy is mostly a "talking therapy". The only issue is that sometimes we are cut off during the session. However, this is rare, and if it does happen, we will simply reconnect and any "lost" minutes will be added back to your session time, so you never lose out. 

Pricing Structure

Gold Service

Sessions are currently £70 per 50 minute session + full email support (Gold Service), and recommended you attend once per week, at least at the beginning, so that we can make good progress and momentum. Gold service also includes your recorded hypnotherapy recordings. There is a general recording as well as bonus recordings that you may receive during your coaching with me, depending on your needs.

Platinum Service

I also offer a higher level of support (Platinum) which includes, in addition to your 50 minute session per week, and full email support, an extra 30 minute "catch up" session(s) during the week.

These "catch up" sessions can be by telephone or via skype, and may include additional coaching, hypnosis, and ADHD-specific advice and guidance.

You can use the whole 30 mins in one go during the week, or you can break it up into two short 15 minute telephone or skype calls. Platinum service is currently only £100 and offers great value.

It's a good option for those who feel they want extra assistance, and a particularly useful option for parents of ADHD children who want someone to call between sessions when things get challenging.

Block Booking Discount

Those who commit to a series of sessions receive a discount, because I have found that this is a great way to get extra commitment from clients. So for a commitment to yourself of 6 sessions, the pricing structure is:

Gold Service
£70 x 6, normally £420 - 17% discount = £348.60

£100 x 6, normally £600 - 17% discount = £498

Next Step: Initial Consultation "ADHD Management & Mastery Session"

I offer an Initial Consultation for us to get to know each other, answer any of your questions, but also the hour-long consultation itself acts as a very informative and powerful coaching session in and of it's self. Note: no hypnotherapy will be included. You will, however, receive a free studio-quality hypnosis MP3/CD to take home with you, as well as powerful insights and understanding of your condition and what steps to take, no matter what you may decide.

In the case of younger clients, a tailor-made hypnotherapy recording is also produced based on the initial assessment, so the investment in this consultation provides great value for money.

These consultations are the first step towards working together to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Consultations normally cost £60 per hour.

You can email me and I will send you details of the slots I have available, or better still call me on 07517 042 679. If I am unavailable, you may like to text me with your number, however, as I  may be busy with a client or otherwise unavailable, and at least that way I can get back in touch with you as soon as possible. 

All the best,

Jamie Vasilyan

The Hypnosis for ADHD Specialist,

ADHD Coaching Bristol, ADHD Hypnotherapy Bristol, ADHD, ADD.