“I found the hypnotherapy very helpful for changing old habits that were keeping me stuck in procrastination and poor concentration. Jamie has a lot of compassion for people who struggle with ADHD as he has lived it himself and only shares the tools and techniques that he knows works. I found his energy and enthusiasm infectious and am grateful for the support that I received.” 

Gareth tanner, 

Artist & Support Worker, Bridgend, Wales, 2018





“I found Jamie Vasilyan to be exceptional at creating rapport and empathy with the group of disadvantaged young people we were working with to build their self-esteem and confidence. He has a level of sensitivity which I have rarely seen before enabling him to support and challenge these kids to their next level of empowerment. I would recommend Jamie for any coaching role.”

Alan Wilson, Founder of Develop Your Child CIC
Develop Your Child CIC

And Author of “How to Be a Parent Champion”




“Jamie is an amazing therapist who I can’t recommend enough! Helped me change my life!”

~Laura Flora, Life Coach, Musician & Lecturer, http://lauofattraction.simplesite.com

December 3 2017

“A fantastic therapist with many tools in the toolbox. See Jamie for self development in whatever manor. Jamie’s positive energy is contagious, and his enthusiasm can only leave you on the path to positive progression!”

~Matt Searle, DHP, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Personal Trainer, http://mattmytrainer.com/

September 17, 2017


“Hypnosis MP3 Helped Improve my Child’s Behaviour at Home and School”

“My ten year old son was finding certain school situations stressful, and this was manifesting as anger. This was making school and home life quite difficult, and as K is actually a very sensitive child, I was at a loss as to how to help him. My GP referred him to an anger management clinic at our local hospital, but this only helped to identify that my son’s dyslexia was making him feel inferior to classmates, causing some of his tension. Although certain strategies were suggested for the teachers to try, my son was now getting frightened about what he might do if he became angry the next day at school. He was mortified by his outbursts at school, but was unable to control them.

I wondered if relaxation might help, as K was now having difficulty getting to sleep as he was so wound up about the fact that he had been in trouble at school, and that he felt that he had little control over his anger when provoked. Jamie Vasilyan was recommended to me, and he listened carefully to the problem. I was absolutely astounded by the level of empathy and concern shown, and shortly I had a recording that K could listen to (we used an mp3 player) before he fell asleep.

K fell asleep easily that first night, and reported an immediate improvement in his self-esteem the next day at school. Even the fact that he had something he could do to help himself seemed to ease his tension. K continued to listen to the recording for a further ten nights, and the difference in his confidence and behaviour at school were noted by his teachers, and home life returned to harmony too!

K has since completed a full year at secondary school, and there hasn’t been any sign of the previous troubles resurfacing. K still has the recording on his mp3 player ‘just in case’! I can’t thank James enough for his help, compassion, and speed of service. ”

~C.V., Midlands, 2 January 2014

A previous email from the same client:

Hi Jamie!
We just got back from the hospital, if it hadn’t been for your support this afternoon I would have lost the plot by now. Boy, does the system fail these children…
Your text about the skype sessions for K actually moved me to tears (not out of place in a hospital, thankfully). I’m used to trying to solve all our problems by myself, and suddenly I was offered a safety net.
I’m sure the recording for K’s ipod will be the best place to start, but the little chat I had with you in the waiting room, just knowing that there are people like you …melted the tension from him.

Grateful doesn’t do it justice. K starts high school in September, and I think you have helped already…

Wednesday, 14 March 2012, 18:25

~C.V., Business Owner & Mother, Midlands


Helped me Beat Cravings & Improve Performance at Work

I initially went to James for help with my sugar addiction and procrastination eating in the knowledge that these were only symptoms of something much deeper. As a result of working with James, I have not only been able to change my eating behaviour and overcome these issues, but also bring about changes in my life far exceeding this.

I have become more confident in my ability at work which has been recognised by my manager and colleagues, I am more focused on and proactive with my personal goals, and my sleeping has improved dramatically. I have finally made friends with my subconscious mind and my decision making is also much better as a result!

If you are serious about bring positive change in your Iife I cannot recommend working with James enough.

~N. H., Civil Cervant, Bristol


More Creativity: “I was able to write and publish the book in the space of one week!”

“I was one of those annoying clients that knew I wanted some help but I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. I just wanted to move forward and to feel better. ‘No problem,’ said Jamie and that continued to be his attitude throughout the various sessions.

Jamie helped me to focus on the aspects of my life in which change would create a real positive shift for me. He then ‘worked his magic’ by weaving a web of words for my subconscious to play with. In between, I listened to the relaxing CD that accompanies the sessions.

After just a few sessions, I found that I was feeling much happier, more positive and creative. In fact, I was inspired to write a pocket book which I then published. I was able to write and publish the book in the space of one week!!

Jamie challenges you to focus on the positive aspects of your life that you may have been taking for granted and also helps you to access your abundant inner resources. Highly recommended!”

author of A Knight Journey: Awakening to the Power of Dreams

Buy A Knights Journey on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Knight-Journey-Awakening-Samantha-2009-04-01/dp/B01K903A3E

~Samantha Carr, Author, Plymouth


Finally Overcoming Years of Depression, Self Harm and Taruma

I came to Jamie for hypnotherapy after spending 10 years on and off being treated with CBT, Psychotherapy and Psychology for anxiety and severe depression – I found these therapies could make me feel more depressed due to it’s nature of having to pick things apart and having to go over traumatic experiences. After just one session with Jamie, I found my mood was lifted thanks to the relaxation of the hypnotherapy and the focus on positive outcomes that I was wishing to achieve. My aim was to ‘fix’ my issues, move on with my life and to regain my motivation for life.

What Jamie and his solution focused hypnotherapy allowed me to do was to understand the reasons why I was struggling in my emotional state and to finally(!) create sensible coping strategies for my life. From being a child I have only had quick fix aids that make me feel better in the interim, but in the long run make my situation and depression worse. Jamie’s therapy teaches you that you can solve your own issues, he puts the emphasis back on to you helping yourself – something that in the past more ‘conventional’ treatments never provided, which meant, that although perhaps for a little while after being ‘discharged’ from treatment I felt better, in the long term I felt lost and deserted without my therapist and continually unable to cope, leading me back to my own forms of destructive ‘therapies’.

I continued to have successes after every time that I saw Jamie, and look forward each time to seeing him, the therapy forces you to have to change the way you think, also teaching you that change is not painful, it is the resistance to change that is the issue. The fact that a lot of the theory ties into the other ideologies I hold in high regard in life makes it all rather powerful, taking an almost Buddhist approach at points, looking at becoming more mindful of situations and more careful with ones thoughts. Jamie teaches you to look at what you want in life and aim for that.

The treatments always begin with Jamie asking you for all the positive things that have happened to you since your last session, this is great, as it gets you feeling happy and positive to begin reinforcing all the good things you want to put into your subconscious. Then you will focus on your miracle question – where you want to be tomorrow, next week, what you want to happen in your life.

I can honestly say that Jamie has massively helped me create a better future for myself, I have managed to put behind a lot of trauma from my childhood with his rewind techniques, to the point that I am able to associate with my abuser with no emotional issue. The trauma has been removed from the episodes. On top of that, my self esteem and confidence has improved so much so I am moving from my home town to find a new level of independence. I have succeeded in so many of my wants thanks to the increase level of positivity that I have gained and the new ability to look forward with a thirst for life and confidence in myself. I would (and do!) recommend Jamie to anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions and any other forms of negative and self limiting behaviours.

Jamie has helped me remove pain, addictions, low confidence and self esteem from my life and I feel like I have come out of my cocoon a butterfly! I am just happy to continue to regale Jamie with yet more wonderful things I am doing with my new lease of life.

C.L., Professional Singer & Songwriter, Bath, 2011


I Stopped Smoking After One Session

“After trying patches and gum giving up smoking became no easier, so I looked for alternative therapies and I decided to try hypnosis. I spoke to Jamie who ensured me that if I was committed enough hypnosis could be the answer for me. There was a first initial consultation in which Jamie outlined the theory in how hypnosis worked. That it was the thought process and how I needed to change this and I would therefore be able to stop smoking. Jamie then gave me a CD to listen each night for a week. The hypnosis process lasted for two hours, first discussing why I had decided to quit smoking and what I think I would gain from it. It was the followed by an exercise in which Jamie talked to me through. Following the treatment I no longer hesitate when thinking about having a cigarette, the battle in my head of whether I should or should not has disappeared and I feel I am in total control, giving me every confidence to say no to cigarettes! It has now been nearly two months and I have never looked back! I would recommend this to anyone!”

~Y. T., Support Worker, Bristol, 2011

More Abundance & Intuition

“I asked Jamie for three sessions over a three week period. Previously he had helped me get clear on finding the right place to live. I knew exactly what I wanted but it seemed I was blocking it in some way. During the session with Jamie I got very clear on what I was going to do as my next step and within a couple of weeks I had found the exact place I had envisioned! So remembering this session I had confidence that three sessions would give me exactly what I needed.

…I always have lots of possibilities floating about in my mind [but Jamie] brings everything down into practical reality so that I start working my visions into the physical. So in three weeks I totally cleared my house, cleaned up my diet and exercise routine and started writing everyday. I have become focused and disciplined and am taking firm hold of my career having grounded what I can do in practical terms to make things happen. I have also sorted out my financial affairs and as expected pleasant surprises have popped into my consciousness matching what has been happening on the inside. My intuiton has also gone up a notch and I feel very grounded centred and confident.

I can’t recommend Jamie enough. His sessions are…very entertaining and relaxing. I also found Jamie’s approach to be very focused and professional. I felt very comfortable in his sessions and easily went into a trance as he knows how to create a loving and safe space.”

~Sara Bailey, Life Coach, Shetland Islands, 2014

Finally Kicked the Drinking Habit for Good!

Jamie was very quick to respond to my initial request, and sent me a recording so that I could start treatment as soon as possible. I opted for Skype sessions because it offered me maximum convenience and privacy. Jamie was always understanding, professional, and exceptionally non-judgemental. The sessions were enjoyable and surprisingly easy. Quickly I saw results, with a positive impact on almost every area of my life.

My bad habits (including my drinking) were tackled one by one, and I was amazed at just how honest I could be with Jamie. I felt that the Skype scenario allowed me to feel less inhibited than in the face to face hypnotherapy I have tried with previous therapists. I had been to a number of hypnotherapists previously over many years, with whom there was little or no success.

Almost before I had time to notice it, my motivation was improved and my self-confidence had improved in ways I hadn’t previously hoped possible. My entire psyche had shifted into the positive, and the problems that brought me to Jamie had vanished, which included my drinking. Jamie originally reassured me everyone can learn to drink responsibly but I didn’t believe him. By the eighth session, however, I was down from two bottles of wine to a social half bottle with my husband and felt that finally my drinking habit was under control.

However, my progress was so precious that I remained concerned that I would return to my old ways. Jamie was very reassuring and arranged a couple of further sessions, on a monthly basis. It soon became clear to me that these changes were permanent, and even now – three months since my last session- things only continue to improve.

I cannot thank or recommend Jamie highly enough, his technique has truly transformed my outlook and my life. I only wish I’d found him a long time ago.

~C.V, Business Owner, Midlands, UK, 2013