ADHD Awareness Month 2018

Every October is the time of year when mental health experts and providers, as well as those diagnosed with ADHD themselves, promote the cause of ADHD during ADHD Awareness Month

With an estimated 5% of children and 3% of adults having ADHD (1.5 million in the UK), that makes it the most common behavioural disorder in the country, and yet only approximately 120,000 have been officially diagnosed. Recent news reports in 2018 suggest that children and adults may wait years for a diagnosis! And even when there is a diagnosis, most adults only ever receive medication and only 50% of children ever receive behavioural therapy. 

Whilst there are doubts as to whether ADHD is actually increasing, or whether experts are getting better at detecting and diagnosing, either way it is clear that more needs to be done. Hopefully, by promoting the cause of ADHD during this year’s ADHD Awareness Month, we can raise more awareness and get more help and funding for those who suffer with this highly misunderstood condition.

Is medication all we need?


The Need for More Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Tony Lloyd, of the ADHD Foundation (chaired by comedian Rory Bremner), points out that NHS NICE guidelines suggest medication only be used as an adjunct to behavioural treatment. He explains: 

The fact of the matter is that in the UK medication is the first line of treatment and pretty much the only line of treatment. That needs to change.

Meanwhile, GP Ann Robinson writing for The Guardian in August 2018 confirms his observations: 

Lloyd says the Nice guidelines are great but mostly aren’t being followed. My experience as a GP would certainly back that up. Children tend to be seen quicker than adults, but often the only treatment given is medication, with other interventions such as parenting support and CBT failing to materialise.

Whilst medication is often hailed as a miracle for the people for whom it works, the fact that 20% of people either fail to respond to medication, and/or have serious side effects, or otherwise choose not to medicate themselves or their child, means that medications like ritalin are helpful but not enough.

Jamie Vasilyan The Hypnosis for ADHD Specialist

ADHD Sufferer Turns ADHD Coach

ADHD Life Coach and Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Jamie Vasilyan, was one such person who failed to respond to medication and had serious side effects back in 2004, when he was diagnosed late at the age of 24.

Like many diagnosed with ADHD, he struggled through life not knowing why. And then, when he finally got diagnosed, he was only offered medication but had serious side effects and had to stop taking them. However, all was not lost. He found that by changing his diet, exercising, learning meditation, and the use of brainwave entrainment and neurofeedback (complementary therapies which have been shown to be helpful with ADHD) that he could get his life back on track again.

Inspired by these changes, he committed himself to helping others with ADHD, and set up “ADDvantage Hypnotherapy,” a coaching service which takes an integral, holistic approach to helping children and adults with ADHD, and specialises in the use of Hypnosis for ADHD. 

“In my practise, I tend to attract adult ADHD sufferers who have had side effects with medication, and currently have nothing to help them, or parents who wish not to medicate their young children without first exhausting other possibilities. This leads them, like I did, to wonder ‘what else can we do?’ That’s where I come in!” says Jamie.

Every ADHD Awareness Month Jamie puts on special events to celebrate and educate. Last year it was “Limitless Potential”. This year, Jamie is holding a free seminar “The ADHD Solution: 7 Steps to Mastery” which will answer this very question “what else can we do?” and outline the very same steps he and his clients take to learn how to manage and even master their ADHD.

Whilst medication is definitely necessary for many ADHD persons, the point is that it should be realised that it’s not the only solution, or necessarily complete on its own. Many children and adults with ADHD also need to learn life skills which they missed out on because of their condition and/or lack of early diagnosis, and make positive lifestyle changes to reach their full potential in life. 

ADHD: Disorder or Difference

Jamie firmly believes that people with ADHD, with the right knowledge and help, can make great improvements in their lives, and is a firm believer in the concept of “neurodiversity” – that conditions like ADHD and autism may actually have a positive side to them, and reflect innate differences between people that we may need to understand and support rather than seek to eliminate.

John Elder Robison, who has asperger’s, on Psychology Today shares his views regarding neurodiversity

ADHD Awareness Month is therefore also about setting the facts straight and combating any prejudices towards people who have this condition as merely being “stupid”.

After all, in reality, people with ADHD tend to be highly creative, entrepreneurial, “outside of the box” thinkers, and are often highly intelligent. And if those that are struggling got the help that they need, they could experience a fuller realisation of their potential.

Today we have many well-known and successful ADDer’s such as Richard Branson, Rory Bremner, Jim Carey, Michael Jordan, Olympic Athlete Simone Biles, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Harry Potter actor Emma Watson, and Jon Ratey MD an expert and author of many ADHD books who has ADHD and dyslexia himself.

Some experts even believe that inventor Thomas Edison, physicist Albert Einstein, and founding father of the united states Benjamin Franklin, may have had ADHD, but found their own way to thrive with it.

Why not check out more famous people with ADHD here at ADDitude magazine:

Presenting The ADHD Solution

Whether you can make it to The ADHD Solution or not, Jamie has also compiled all this valuable information about how to manage and even thrive with ADHD into a free ebook by the same name, which will be available for download on Sunday 14 October, in celebration of ADHD Awareness Month.

It is hoped that The ADHD Solution will help many parents of ADHD children, and adults diagnosed with the condition, understand ADHD better and take the steps they need to make the most of their uniquely wired brain.

To book your seat at this upcoming event, please email: or to download your free copy of The ADHD Solution: 7 Steps to Mastery ebook, sign up to the ADDvantage Hypnotherapy mailing list and you will receive your copy to your inbox by Sunday 28th October, 2018. You can sign up here:

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